Marcel Patterson – Robert Nelson Award Winners
(The award is named for the two TSGE’s founding members and is presented to a physician who embodies the spirit of these two gentlemen – that is, someone who has made significant contributions to the field of gastroenterology.)

Initiated in 1999, first winner 2000
2000 winners: Frank Lanza, MD and Wanda Batch, RN
2001: Shad Dabaghi, MD
2002: D.L. Chumley, MD
2003: Dan Polter, MD
2004: Ralph F. Wells, MD
2005: Harry Sarles, Jr., MD
2006: Marc Shabot, MD
2007: Larry Schiller, MD & Laurie Reece
2008: David Y. Graham, MD
2009: Loren Ownesby, MD
2010: Bruce Levy, MD
2011: Michael Bay, MD
2012: Craig Johnson, MD
2013: Wm. Kern Deschner, MD
2014: Paul Tarnasky, MD
2015: Thomas Deas, MD
2016: Daniel DeMarco, MD
2017: Stephen Utts, MD
2018: Michael Guirl, MD
2019: Bruce Levy, MD
2021: Jay Yepuri, MD
2022: Harish Gagneja, MD
2023: Jeffrey Lee, MD

Patient Advocate Award
2001 Sen. Mike Moncrief
2002 David Darr (Great Skate of Texas)
2006: Tom McHorse, MD
2007: Sen. Florence Shapiro
2009: Rep. Patrick Rose
2010: Josie R. Williams, MD
2012: Stephen Utts, MD
2013: Bruce Levy, MD
2018: Greg Herzog
2019: Delbert Chumley, MD