Holiday Message from TSGE President, Dr. Pradeep Kumar

Dear TSGE Members: 

Happy Holidaze!  The end of the year is an incredibly busy time for most of us.  What with patients trying to get their procedures in while they've met their deductibles, ensuring our families enjoy the spirit of the Season, and planning holiday travel. I must admit it can get to be a bit much.  All too often, we miss out on the spirit of the Season ourselves. So, I would encourage us all to stop for a moment and count our blessings.  We are blessed to live in our country, practice our faith, and enjoy time with our friends and family. Especially considering poverty, famine, and war that afflict other parts of the world, I shed a subtle tear just driving around looking at Christmas lights. I get a lump in my throat watching A Charlie Brown Christmas with my kids.

I particularly engage in the sense of renewal that the end of the year brings.  I've always given the New Year it's proper due.  All things good or bad that happened in 2022 will be so last year when January comes.  It's time to prove yourself again. It's time to let go the angst of the year before.  It is indeed a time of renewal.
In fact, it is a great time to renew your membership in the TSGE. (How's that for a segway?) Your notices will arrive soon and we ask for your continued confidence in our Society to safeguard the practice of Gastroenterology in the state of Texas. TSGE is like the night's ship captain that steers the way as we sleep. Like a home alarm system that alerts us to intrusions into our ability to treat at the highest level those with digestive disorders.  Like our professors, who ensure we have access to information that forms our opinions.  So I encourage you all to send in the renewal notices at your earliest convenience.

So as the year comes to a close, I would like to wish you, your staff, and your family a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and especially a very Happy New Year.


Pradeep Kumar MD
President, TSGE