Take 90 Seconds to Help Defeat MOC

Eleven states now have anti-MOC legislation pending. Bills in additional states will be dropping soon. However, the ABMS and its member boards have been heavily lobbying state legislators to defeat the pending bills (click here to view ABMS lobbying materials).

Two weeks ago, we initiated an electronic letter-writing campaign to your state legislators. That one e-blast to our 18,000 supporters resulted in over 4,500 letters to legislators! And last Thursday, the Texas Senate passed anti-MOC SB 1148 31-0 (a similar House bill is still pending).

Those of you who passed the e-blast on to others helped grow our email list to almost 20,000. And only 14 unsubscribed! We had this terrific response yet only 27% of those receiving the e-blast even opened it. So, we can easily do even better. Please help us educate legislators nationwide regarding how MOC requirements are onerous, expensive, have no proven benefit.


Here is your 90 second assignment:

Email Your Legislators: If you did not do this two weeks ago, click here to take 90 seconds to send a letter to your own state legislators by email. You will need to enter your name, address and email. That’s it. 90 seconds! Clicking the link will take you to a personalized sample letter to your state district’s representatives which you can send with one click.

If your state currently has no anti-MOC legislation pending your letter will encourage your representatives to create anti-MOC legislation. If your state has “weak” anti-MOC legislation pending that only prohibits MOC as a condition of licensure, the letter will be supportive of the legislation but request stronger legislation that prohibits MOC as a condition of hospital privileges and reimbursement from third parties. If you are curious and want to view all the sample letters we have written by state, click here.

Caveat: If you encounter trouble with the website, it could be due to your hospitals firewalls or browser. Try sending the letter from your home computer (many browsers work, but Chrome works best).

Spread The Word: We have 20,000 email addresses of physician supporters but we need many more. This will not work without your help getting this message out. Forward this email to your colleagues, your patients, your med staff office for hospital wide distribution, your FB, Twitter, Linked In and other social media friends.


Join Us: To join the National Board of Physicians and Surgeons (NBPAS.org) and obtain continuous certification based primarily on ACCME accredited CME, click here.


Thank you for your help and support.


Paul Teirstein M.D.

President of National Board of Physicians and Surgeons