TSGE Legislative Update
Fall 2022



With the Texas Legislature scheduled to begin the 88th Legislative Session on January 10, 2023, it has been a busy time preparing for that as well as continuing to work on implementation of legislation that passed into law in the previous session.


The Gold Card Law (House Bill 3459), which TSGE helped champion last session, has now been implemented and will exempt physicians from prior authorization requirements if they receive approvals on at least 90% of their requests for a given service during the relevant six-month evaluation period. The rules also apply to prior authorization requests for prescription drugs, despite the health plan wanting to omit them from the list of health care services eligible for exemption. TSGE advocated for prescription drug requests to be included in the law and signed onto a letter in May making that request.


Going into next session, Advanced Practice Registered Nurses and Physician Assistants are aligned in their messaging on expanding their scope of practice, using access to care (particularly rural areas) and the ongoing workforce shortage challenges as the reason they should be able to practice independently, without supervision. TSGE maintains the position that independent diagnosing and prescribing are the practice of medicine and are anticipating there will be a full scope expansion bill filed that we’ll work to defeat.


As always, we encourage all TSGE members to develop and maintain a personal relationship with their local legislators. When issues of importance to the practice of gastroenterology arise in the Legislature, having that relationship is invaluable.